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The Smoking Gun got ahold of correspondence between Rush Limbaugh's lawyers and the Florida State Attorney, trying to cop a plea to a "pretrial diversion program" that would require him to receive additional treatment for his addiction.

The most amusing quote from those speaking on Limbaugh's behalf?

"The public is better served by treating addicts as patients rather than criminals."

But that's not what Rush believes...

"Too many whites are getting away with drug use, too many whites are getting away with drug sales, too many whites are getting away with trafficking in this stuff. The answer to this disparity is not to start letting people out of jail ... The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them and send them up the river, too."
-- Rush Limbaugh. October 5, 1995

Shouldn't he fire these lawyers who are misrepresenting his strong moral and ethical beliefs and find some who are willing to stop wasting the court's time and plea to what he is truely guilty of?

In any case, the Florida D.A. didn't buy it. They said a review of the case revealed violations "in excess of ten felony counts", but that the case could be settled without a trial if Limbaugh pled to Doctor Shopping, was put on three years probation, monitored with random drug tests, and served community service designed to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction.

Really, this offer is remarkably lenient -- far more lenient than what Limbaugh would've offered to others. I would take the offer if I were him...

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