Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ouch cubed!

It always sucks when someone's relationship breaks up online in a journal or weblog, but it must doubly suck when you're Salam Pax, the whole world seems to read your weblog, and the person who broke up you with shares the weblog and is the guy the blog is named after.

"Salam .... Without swimming in the mud of details: you are not the best partner in the world, and I'm not the best blogger."

(Duly noted. Riverbend is better.)

This, of course, is where the speculation kicks in on a "blogoversal" scale. Is Raed miffed at Salam running around the world promoting his book, completely out of touch, hitting all the nightclubs, only to return, camera crews in tow, prying into personal lives like an episode out of The Real World - Baghdad? Did he get even more irate when Salam deleted a post of his, encouraging him to calm down the anti-Americanism? What about Salam's constant snarky criticism of Raed's hair/manners/blogging style, even though Raed is clearly the most attractive of the two, or Salam's affected cattiness, or his constant use of the word "thingie" in his interviews? (I haven't seen that word used so much since they took Beavis and Butthead off the air.)

The drama escalated when Salam left a post in response to Raed's...

"I stood at your door for an hour, I knew you were inside, but you wouldn't open. do we have t do this in public? answer my emails at least."

Salam crept home, dejected.

At least we can be proud that US armed forces have secured Salam Pax's freedom to sit at home, eat too much hummus, mope, make "pity posts", and repeatedly listen to his copy of The Smiths "Hatful of Hollow" that he picked up while pimping his book over in England.

My prediction is that his weblog will be a lot less interesting and more depressing to read... until his next f*ck. ;->

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