Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Shame the loser!

Bush's approval took a nosedive over the last month, dropping eight percent to 50%. Also, given a choice between Bush and an unnamed Democratic candidate, 45% would vote for the Democrat and only 43% for Bush, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll published Sunday.

The thing is, the media still hasn't gotten the clue. Eight points in a month equals hemmoraging on a grand scale, and the rest of the year heralds further deaths in Iraq, huge deficits, scandals, cronyism, and corruption, and an economic recovery that doesn't create jobs. Not exactly a winning script for Bush's campaign.

My suggestion for this discrepancy? Those who oppose Bush need to get the message out... and that message is the word "shame" and the idea of him losing the next election. Why? Because "shame" is a concept that hits deeply with people and has traditionally gotten rid of petty tyrants. And why should you mention the concept of him losing? Because too many Americans don't believe he can be beaten. If we want to win the next election, we need to reenforce the idea that we believe he can be beaten.

What's more, we need to get others to believe, and get them to dream again about a better president. Better than "anyone but Bush". Someone who will listen to and work with the people. Someone better than Bush, and, indeed, better than Clinton. There really are a lot of good choices people this time around. Sure, maybe they don't have Clinton's charisma, but some of these candidates are so good that you'd actually let them shake your hand or kiss your baby. We don't need a slick huckster to beat a shameful, washed-up tool like Bush. He's blown his wad (and our money) on Iraq and has nothing significant to offer anyone but his resignation. We have the rare oportunity to evolve beyond such throwbacks and move into the future with hope and confidence, determined to make things right for a change.

So, yes... if the conversation gravitates towards Bush, find a way to shame that loser, 'cause things aren't looking any brighter for him in the future. The man is going down.

Need some suggestions?! How about "Bush has brought shame and disrepute to our country. He's dead meat next election." or "he's a shameful, deceitful, vindictive troll and I'll be happy when he's gone." Or, if you are feeling sarcastic, "George W. Bush, welcome to the one term hall of shame! Like father, like son..."

So, once again for your benefit... Shame, shame, shame. Loser, loser, loser. The man is going down. Thank you and goodnight.

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