Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Spam on the inside!

I just received my first piece of "real" spam via LiveJournal's commenting, as opposed to those which scrape LJ email addresses for their lists.

I would normally not point such things out, except that I was the one who pushed so hard to get rid of invite codes, and spam was considered to be one of the risks involved in making accounts free. Note that this spam wasn't via an actual LJ account though, and was via anonymous comments. That risk has always been a lot greater, IMHO, than the risk of spam from account holders.

So, here it is. Not really that annoying... yet. It wouldn't have even been visible if I hadn't unscreened it. Hopefully LJ's staff can tweak things to make such annoyances less likely in the future to get through the site's security. As for me, I will sleep well, knowing that it's not my fault/problem.

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