Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Demoralization and frustration to the nth.

It's got to be demoralizing and frustrating to be an Iraqi worker for the CPA, waiting in line for long stretches of time just to get in to the building where you work.

Under such circumstances, the last thing you need are people with trucks full of explosives willing to take their own lives (and possibly yours in the process.) Twenty people killed, over 60 wounded. (Video from Reuters.)

The obvious response would be "That sucks. These people are all lined up, waiting to be slaughtered everyday. How can this happen? Shouldn't these people have the best security available in all Iraq? If this really is the best that the coalition can do to protect their workers, then it's a wonder that they all don't quit their jobs!"

Not many good answers today.

The meaning of this attack may not come through loud and clear for most Americans, who will see this as the latest in a string of bombings. Less Americans died in this blast than in others, after all. The Iraqis, however, will get the intended message loud and clear.

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