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Party wrapup...

Last night was interesting. Next time, I definitely need to have a few tweaks and changes in place beforehand so that I can sit back and relax more.

It's hard to explain the party. Great food, great drinks, great people, and although we had a lot of people over, there was also a lot of space for everyone, as we had a lot of private retreats available for people... and in the private retreats, anything goes/went.

Which is to say, I guess in retrospect I threw what, given my friends and aquaintances, amounted to a sex party, but at the same time, I'm not sure it was a sex party, really. Instead, it was a party which made allowances for sex (and dancing, and cuddling, and talking...) to happen.

You see, over the years I have had numerous parties where someone felt the need to go somewhere --anywhere-- secluded to have sex. I've also had ones which spontaneously erupted into an unplanned orgiastic happening... the kind where someone inevitably wakes up the next morning and starts asking questions like "What does this mean??!" Compared to the relative awkwardness and inconvenience of those two options, providing a private, secluded place where adults can be adults and make adult decisions and express themselves consentually as adults seems to make a lot more sense. What goes on behind the curtain stays behind the curtain, as they say.

The nudity in the hot tub and private spaces was seperated from the rest of the party by design, and the sounds of sex were generally so remote from the main part of the party and masked by music that it wasn't any big deal. Things were clean, sane, happy and comfortable, and there was a nice vibe. Some people danced themselves silly, some chatted, some cuddled, and some emurged from dark rooms with very big grins on their faces.

What did those of you who were guests think? Feedback anyone?!

hopeforyou said:
"d00d. That was some party. I can't remember the last time I was up this late for a good reason."

Lost and found:
Red shirt - >s>lost.</s> found!
Grey beret - found.
Samsung cellphone battery - found.
Beaded earring bits - found.
Blue thong - found.

If any of this stuff belongs to you, let me know. If you can't get it at a Tea & Sympathy, we could always drop stuff by a Port & Sunset event.

The only problem I have is that everyone brought all sorts of food and drink, so I think I have as much (if not more...) of practically everything than when I started. The fridge is packed!

So, anyone up for a party?! ;->

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