Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The big announcement...

I have been wanting to tell some of you about this... and now I can.

As of today, I'm taking on the role of the "all-things-business" manager for Live Journal. Basically, I am going to either do or oversee all of the dirty work of running and growing Live Journal so that Brad can concentrate on what he does best, which is creating a truly incredible place for all of us to interact.

Here is Brad's post to the business forum of Live Journal and my response. If you are even the least bit curious about sharing your unique gifts and talents to help Live Journal in any capacity, please read on. You never know what might happen to you when you choose to give of yourself...


Hey everyone,

I just wrote up a long news entry:

Basically, I'm making Mark (insomnia) the head lj-biz guy. You've
probably all seen how un-involved I am on discussions on this list.
That's largely because I don't have much time, but mostly because I just
don't know to deal with this sort of stuff. I've been really impressed by
things Mark has said, on the list and off, so I'm putting him in charge of
a lot of things from here on out.

That's not to say anybody else's contributions are any less important.
We just need some sort of structure. If I'm the only one that can
implement change on the site, and I can't separate the signal from the
noise on the lj-biz list, then nothing gets done.

Instead, I'm going to sit back, let Mark filter the signal out for me, and
tell me when to do things. I'm not going to be relaxing, though... oh no,
I'm going to be doing the stuff I enjoy: working on the server. :)

Also, we setup a new LiveJournal just for discussing business-related

I'm not sure whether we'll use the mailing list or the website as the
primary means of communication... I imagine both will be used, for
different purposes. If/when the interactive to-do list is working, then
we'll use the lj_biz account's to-do list to prioritize things and attach
notes and track progress.

For now, I hand it over to Mark..... :)

- Brad


Um... thanks Brad!

First, I wanted to let you know a bit about what I've gotten myself into. I
have had a considerable interest over the past few months about ways to help LiveJournal, but have felt somewhat frustrated, in that Brad, essentially, had to do practically everything himself. When he asked for help and even suggested the idea of paying a salary for a person to manage LJ business, I told him to stop worrying so much and to put his money away. I just wanted to help Live Journal and I was willing to put in a decent amount of time to help out. Little did I know that Brad would want to hand me quite as much work as he has! Without going into details, I can safely say that there is nothing glamorous about the tasks I am taking on myself right now. (I would describe most of them as routine and thankless.) If Brad has more time to do what he is best at though, it will all be worth it.

I have a lot more to say about where I think Live Journal should go, but I
can't do it all myself. My first major priority is to get all of you to join
me at (Please e-mail me at with your LJ handle so that we can see about getting your account set up to post in lj_biz!)

My next priority is to acknowledge the contributions of the many who have given their time to help out Live Journal. It is greatly appreciated. The
work I will do isn't more important than what you have done, or the work you will do in the future. Live Journal needs your help more than ever.

We are starting a great experiment here, making the business of Live Journal very transparent, very open, and as democratic as possible. If you feel that I am wrong about anything, I want you to call me on it. That is specifically why I wanted to move lj_biz to a publicly readable forum. One day, historians will document the history of the growth of the Internet. In the case of Live Journal, I'd like to think that they could visit Live Journal
(which will still be up) and read all about how a bunch of people who cared managed to create a great online community. Personally, I don't care if Live Journal ever becomes an overwhelming business success, I just want the bills to be paid and for Live Journal to be the best online community possible. If Live Journal does become a success, I'd like it to be for all the right reasons.

I want your talent, ideas, and enthusiasm. That is why I will do everything that I can to make it easier for you to help in whatever manner you see fit. I want you all to think about that issue, though. What kind of work would you really like to do to help out Live Journal? What ideas do you have that will help us evolve from a small online community to a larger community, without losing what is special about Live Journal today?

Take the time to think about those questions and to go to and get signed up. Please post your thoughts, or at least introduce yourself to the group! That's how we're going to succeed... we're going to create and develop ideas, and we will execute on them in order to make Live Journal members incredibly happy! In fact, let's put that one in writing. The happiness of Live Journal members is our number one priority. Let's get started on it right away.

My thanks,

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