Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


"You miss home the most when you get mortared. It gets scary, especially when you see it land and see how close it is. That's when you really think about home a lot." - Pfc. Jesse D. Mizener, Auburn, CA, in a November interview with the local paper. Mizener was on leave to witness the birth of his son.

Pfc. Jesse Mizener died yesterday after being grievously injured in a mortar attack on army base Seitz near Fallujah, Iraq. He leaves behind his wife Nicole, his daughters Gia, 2, Eve, 1, and his newly born son Jesse Mizener Jr. People interested in offering donations to the family can call (530) 889-0498.

"I want to see my family
My wife and child waiting for me
I've got to go home
I've been so alone, you see..."

New Order - "Love Vigilantes"

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