Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Saddam, what have you got to say for yourself?! *Mmmmph!*

Iyad Allawi, a member of the Iraqi council, has said that "Saddam Hussein's trial would not be public since he could name countries and persons whom he gave money." Specifically, this is in reference to $40 billion of Iraqi money which is unaccounted for which Saddam Hussein might control.

Yes, let's use the embarassment such financial disclosures may cause our financial institutions as an excuse for not going into the far more embarassing disclosures regarding those countries and companies who armed Saddam with chemical and biological weapons, and who essentially encouraged his use of them against the Iranians.

*throws hands in the air...*
Was there ever any doubt?!

The Iraqi people will see this as yet another example of the "freedom and democracy" which they were promised. They hate Saddam, but they also want to hear what he has to say in his defense. Instead, the coalition seem determined to turn Saddan into a martyr... and why shouldn't they? After all, once the pro-western, secular (i.e. unelected puppet) regime is in place, they can leave Iraq. It's only the Iraqis who'll have to stay there and live with the violence and civil unrest that will be around for a long, long time...

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