Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The morning after...

Did the whole festive Christmas thing, complete with friends, turkey, and all the fixins, but a minimum of materialism and schmaltz.

I made the turkey this year, and it was a huge one. I tried to do my usual roasting technique, but the bird was so big that it was awkward to cover and really get a completely airtight seal to make it as tender as possible. That, combined with having to hurry a bit on the cooking process, made the turkey very good, but not my best. For most meats, I prefer slow cooking until the meat falls off the bone. I'm a perfectionist about such things, though.
I think I need to find the world's largest roasting pan, w/ lid for just the right effect.

So, not wanting to store the bird in the fridge, it has been carved up to conserve space. Put the rest of the bird in a very large pot and let it simmer slowly overnight -- soup today! I've been nursing the broth, which is ample and quite wonderful. Bejeezus, there's going to be a lot of it.

I think I will see about making homemade noodles for the soup, which I haven't done before. If any of you have any advice or recipes for making thick, toothsome, substantial homecut noodles, please let me know.

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