Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

You'd think they'd tell you these things, but...

I can finally apply for my British citizenship.

I called the British Consulate in San Francisco., after hearing rumors last year of changes in the laws. They verified that there was indeed legislation in the works -- the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act of 2002 -- but that things were still uncertain.

Basically, my having a British mother -- as opposed to a British father -- didn't give me the right to British citizenship. However, the proposed legislation would allow all children born of a British mother after 1961 to be a citizen.

The nice lady at the consulate put my name on a list and said that they would call me as soon as they had any information.

and, well... they didn't. Turns out the law was approved and went in to effect earlier this year. They never bothered updating the information at to tell anyone this, either. Update: They have created a page specifically for this, but failed to update several other pages.

So, while it irks me that I could have had British citizenship for months now and that it was so damn hard to find out about the new law, I *am* pleased that it actually exists. I wouldn't have expected a call back from the U.S. government either, so that's nothing new.

Really, I'm not sure whether I would be living in the U.S. today if I had been born with British citizenship. I most likely would have studied overseas and just stayed there. I still feel robbed of so much -- especially of my grandparents -- and yet being around here has had its advantages too. It's too easy for me to look back on my life and feel upset and frustrated, but really, it could have gone a whole lot worse. I've got Kirsten, for instance.

I know it's completely unrealistic, but I'd like my citizenship for Christmas.

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