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phalen pointed out some interesting information in his journal about eHarmony, an online computerized matchmaker service, and its discriminatory policy against all sorts of people -- homosexuals, non-Christians, divorcees, and even people who may suffer from depression or "low energy", such as those with health issues or handicaps.

eHarmony is promoted through typical mainstream channels, and the eHarmony website mentions "careful statistical analyses" and "scientifically proven compatibility matching" as the basis for its matching, but it doesn't mention the fundamentalist Christian beliefs which underlie the matchmaking elements of the site.

Prospective subscribers to eHarmony fill out a long questionaire, and the service says that they are rejected if it appears that a match cannot be found. What they don't say, however, is that the reason that a match cannot be found is that the site refuses service to them -- and others like them -- who don't fit their narrowminded ideas regarding relationships.

From an interview with the site's founder on, a conservative Christian website:

Q - Is eharmony an exclusively Christian organization?
A - No, but it might as well be.

Q - The site says that eharmony doesn't offer homosexual matching because you have "no expertise when it comes to same sex matching." How do you defend that politically correct answer?
A - Cities like San Francisco, Chicago or New York -- they could shut us down so fast. We don't want to make enemies out of them. But at the same time, I take a real strong stand against same-sex marriage, anywhere that I can comment on it.

Q - How does eharmony screen people?
A - .... We don't let anybody on who has been married three or more times. We also .... look at depression. It's low energy, which is sometimes one of the most visible signs of lack of emotional health. And if a person has that, which they very often will have almost secretively, our questions will pick up on that.

Of course, it is entirely possible that people who are overweight or who suffer from handicaps could find themselves filtered from using the site. As the founder says in the interview, "We've asked many, many people to leave our site."

The site's founder also said in the interview, "I would never imagine a Christian with a nonChristian." Infact, if you use words in your bio such as "God" or "Christian", then you are automatically not matched with non-Christians, regardless of whether someone else's religion matters to you or not.

Unless and until the matching criteria for this site is available to be independently and scientifically reviewed with supporting evidence to back up their claims, it is hard to say just how widespread this ham-fisted and discriminatory treatment pervades their service. For those who want to find their right match rather than have a service of questionable neutrality make their minds up for them, eHarmony is not to be recommended.

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