Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

International Hide & Seek Contest ends...or does it?!

Reports are funneling in that Saddam Hussein has been captured alive. Apparently, he was in a basement in his home town of Tikrit... which is really one of the most obvious places to look, really. Next time I hear the US military is going to count to 100 instead, just to make things more interesting.

While it's got to be a relief to many Iraqis to know that Saddam Hussein is captured, the fun part might be what happens next. If there is a trial, I would *LOVE* to see the evidence that Saddam's lawyer comes public with. I can just imagine him going into depth about how the US helped him plan his chemical attacks on the Iranians....

Which is, of course, why we will somehow not be privy to it. The trial *WILL* be a joke, and that fact won't be lost on the rest of the world. Who knows... maybe Saddam's meals will be delivered with rusty razor blades, piano wire, and strychnine pills on the side. Where's Jack Ruby when you need him?

So, it appears we've caught our former dictator. Do you think we can catch our former terrorist someday too?

823 days, 20 hours 17 minutes, 43 seconds and counting...

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