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What more can I want?!? Well, let me tell you...

Things at work are damn near perfect.

I work under the Director of Creative Services, who is always preoccupied with things other than the documentation. As a result, he is giving me a great deal of control over how to create these docs. (I'm not getting micromanaged to death for a change.) He's really more of a photographer by trade... used to work for Ansel Adams... Fifty-something, Mac user, Photoshop guru, effeminate and quite possibly gay, and always complaining about either unrealistic, last minute demands from the people at Tollbridge or about the NT system they forced on him. He reminds me of Andy Rooney, but fortunately his complaining is less whiny.

While this might not sound ideal to you, it seems to work surprisingly well for me in this case. He respects creativity and doesn't easily tolerate people making excessive demands of him or his department... i.e. me. Since I have the knowledge and skills that he needs, he's willing to keep out of my way and let me do not only what I need to do, but what I want to do. Yes, it is a prison, perhaps... but to paraphrase, it is a particularly plush, velvet-lined prison... with free sodas, fruit juices, and mineral water.

Although most people have only heard of (or read) Dante's Inferno, there are actually three books... Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Purgatorio was a great tower of a mountain with a circular path extending up to Heaven... those burdened with their sins would strive and suffer through sections of purgatory, trying to advance further to the top. I feel like I have been striving for so long and have suddenly turned a corner, only to catch my first glimpse of the gates of Heaven in the distance. Maybe I'm not there yet, but it's getting close...

"Out of reach, glowing very holy grail..."

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