Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Well, ok. If you insist.

Someone asked me to share my amazon wishlist, as they wanted to get me something but didn't know what I would like. I don't really maintain my wishlist much anymore, though, and it was nearly empty. I now have a few things on it, however, if anyone really insists upon getting me something.

Really though, there are very few things I want that aren't fairly big ticket items these days. Most of the rest is just clutter, and there's never enough space for it. I was asked by a family member what I wanted, and my initial answer was $$. When that didn't cut it, it was a gift certificate at Ikea. That way, maybe we can actually make room for all those things we already don't have room for!

At least I haven't gotten quite as bad as my dad, who was absolutely impossible to shop for and never needed a thing. He once asked -- when pressed -- for a few bails of hay and some sacks of manure. Archery targets and gardening, you see.

Come to mention it, archery would kinda be cool in the backyard, and might be a fun way to scare the neighbors. I could put the target near the fence facing the neighbor who complained about my hot tub, so they could hear the intermittent *THUNK* of the arrows hitting the target. I'd need a new bow, though.

Once again, it all comes down to big ticket items. Of course, the best things in life are free...

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