Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The great invite code giveaway.

So, it's my birthday. Whee. December birthdays kinda suck -- everyone has plans for either their money or their time. I should move it to springtime in a year and see if anyone notices...!

So, being a charitable sort of fellow, I've decided to give away every invite code I possibly can -- today only -- no exceptions. After midnight today, PST, you will not get a code, and any unused codes will be removed from this post.

Frankly, I doubt that I can possibly give all of my codes away, as I have hundreds of them... but we'll see. Besides, LiveJournal made a promise to LJ's users to end codes by the end of this year.

Here's an initial batch of codes for people to use. First one to use a code gets the code. Please try using them in order and leave me a comment saying you've taken the code. I will try to strike them off the list occasionally as they are used, and will post more if all of these get used up before midnight tonight.

* Final Update*

Well, that was busy. 159 invite codes given away in just over 12 hours. For those still seeking invite codes, sorry... maybe next year. (Don't bother emailing me, 'cause I gave already.) Try one of the LiveJournal invite code communities, such as ljcodebank or invitecodes.

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