Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Meet the resistance.

Reporters from the French magazine Paris Match published exclusive pictures of Iraqi rebels launching a missile attack on the DHL cargo plane. The successful attack led to the shutdown of commercial air traffic to Baghdad.

The images were taken by photographer Jerome Sessini, who, accompanied by correspondent Claudine Verniez-Palliez, had been with the group for several days and were unaware they were about to witness the attack.

It seems that both sides of the conflict appreciate the concept of embedding reporters in their ranks. Somehow, I don't think that the US government will appreciate the similarities, however. After all, they shut down Al Arabiya news for merely airing an audio tape of Saddam. So, where is the outrage against ABC and CNN? After all, didn't they conduct interviews with Osama Bin Laden after he had attacked US facilities overseas? And what about CBS' interview with Saddam? Why do we tolerate these journalists terrorists in our midst?!

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