Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Watching birds... excellent birds.

Things working out well enough @ work... need music at my desk here, but at least I have a big bag o' Good & Plentys. Black licorice is lovely stuff, but certainly not everyone's cup o' tea. It always reminds me of when I used to go for walks near the bay wetlands where the anise grows wild...

The wetlands of the San Francisco bay used to be vast, but have diminished to a fraction of their former self... part of the reason is the creation of huge salt ponds.

The salt ponds, though hostile to most forms of life, have a lifespan of their own... it takes five years of repetitive flooding and dehydration before the salt can be harvested into huge white mountains that jut out from the landscape .They start as long black ponds of salt water... the coots stand solemnly in these ponds, hundreds of birds moving as a single unit. The salt ponds dehydrate until they become thickly crusted in snowdrifts of salt... great sheets and pillars of salt. I can guess what Lot would have seen if he had bothered to put his wife ahead of a vengeful god.

...and next to the salt ponds, long swaths of precious wetlands. Oh, the birds! Ducks and geese and cranes and snowy egrets and coots and ospreys and hawks and Peregrine Falcons... hawks chase and play teasingly with each other, while ospreys hover, seemingly immobile, above the thick wetlands, in pursuit of the many varieties of small rodents that live nearby.

On a clear day, you can climb to the top of a nearby hill, stare out over the bay and make out the San Francisco skyline 35 miles in the distance...

Hm. I think I need to go there sometime soon. Maybe I'll feed the ducks too...

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