Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Off amidst the snow...

Up at a vacation condo in snowcovered Welches, OR. Snow everywhere, including on the mountains and on our balcony. Been going out there and making snowballs, taking potshots at a nearby pine tree. Very very nice...

I'm too relaxed (and remote) for a really verbose political rant, except to say the following:

1> The news seems to reflect horror and outrage over the brutal deaths of two US soldiers who were killed in broad daylight a civilian car in Mosul. The rumors were that they had their throats cut, but apparently they were just shot and looted instead. It doesn't matter if they had their corpses raped, however... dead is dead. posted recently about the looting of the Italian police base in Al-Nasiriyah shortly after the bombing. People pulling rings off of headless torsos. Such is war. No sympathy for the dead Iraqi soldiers who had their corpses stripped -- ever asked Grandpa where he got his samurai sword? One reporter months ago talked about a US soldier collecting body parts until his C.O. told him to throw 'em away. It was causing a stink. Hm.

2> Meanwhile, over in Georgia, grollero has the skinny from Tbilisi. From what I hear, this is far less of a popular uprising than the media suggests. Someone in the west bought (and is paying for) all this democracy. Meanwhile, part of Georgia is breaking away from the rest, it seems. Civil war, perhaps? Schevy might have stepped down, and indeed, maybe it's for the best, but what Georgia witnessed was not democracy... quite the opposite, actually. How can you trust anyone who spouts democracy and yet is inflexible about negotiating a truely democratic election? This all stinks of stage magic, and the deus ex machina has dropped in a shower from the sky. Let's hope for a kinder, gentler coup, for all their sakes.

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