Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Christopher Lee cut out of final LOTR movie!

And he doesn't sound happy.

Rumors have been flying that Peter Jackson was forced to make the cuts by the movie studio, while his fans launched a petition to get him reinstated. Peter Jackson -- sensing a backlash of oliphant proportions -- sent an email to smooth ruffled feathers, explaining that Lee's scenes will be on the extended DVD version of the movie.

Still, given the iconic star power of Christopher Lee, and his rabid legion of fans, you still have to question the wisdom of not having at least some kind of short, powerful appearance at the beginning of the third movie. Think of it not as an "add-on", but as a chance for Lee to foreshadow the absolute overpowering doom and hopelessness that is Sauron... and if anyone could do a good job at foreshadowing doom, it would be Lee.

Would you really want to be the person who cut Lee out of the year's biggest movie? I don't care how old he is -- you just don't mess with Christopher Lee. He's a scary guy and could rend the flesh off of Peter Jackson's carcass in under 15 seconds... and he's got that stare, too. They say he's got strange, dark powers...

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