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Phone Post: Spelling bee

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“Hi, everyone, this is Mark, how are you doing? I want to go and try this neat PhonePost service located at It allows me to go and call LiveJournal, leave a recording of what I've said, and have that automatically be posted to my journal. It uses Ogg Vorbis so unless you have a player configured for playing Ogg files, you're gonna want to get the codecs in order to play them. Go to for details on this.

The thing about this that interests me is not whether or not it'll work—I know (unintelligible) and it works just fine—what I'm more curious about is whether or not the service will scale. You see, LiveJournal is the only service I know so far that actually transcribes your phone calls. So that means that a user like me can make 15 calls a month and somebody over at LiveJournal will have to go and type the whole mess up for me.

Hello, transcriber, wherever you are. I know that you're out there somewhere. I hope that you're having fun with this call. I want to go and make it even more interesting for you right now by giving you a bit of a test. It's a spelling bee, in fact. Um, I'm, Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee Tournament, and I wanted to go and give you a chance to try spelling them all. I don't expect you to go and spend any extra time on this, and I don't expect you to get 'em all right, but it'll be fun for the rest of us. You know, it'll be <em>really</em> fun for the rest of us. So just give it your best shot. Okay, are you ready to begin? Here we go.

First word: perseod (ouch: <dfn>persillade</dfn>). Persillade. Dressed with or containing parsley. The guests enjoyed a sea bass in a persillade sauce.

Okay, second word: sigh-dicism. Oh, excuse me, cydicism (oops: <dfn>psittacism</dfn>). Automatic speech without thought or the meaning of the words spoken. Uh, the President's speech about the suffering of the poor Iraqis had devolved to mere psittacism.

Third word: chiaroscurist (yay!). Chiaroscurist. An artist who uses the arrangement or treatment of the light and the dark parts of a pictorial work of art. Chiaroscurist.

Um, here's a word you may have actually heard of before, but, nn, we'll see if you can spell it: triskadecaphobia (so close: <dfn>triskaidekaphobia</dfn>). Fear of the number thirteen. She had an obstinate case of triskaidekaphobia.

Okay, one, two more words now: (unintelligible). A small cannon, mounted on a swivel, which is, uh, particularly commonly used on camelback. The desert nomads were proud of their skill with the zumbaruk (oops: <dfn>zumbooruk</dfn>).

And last, lactasiphorous (oops: <dfn>laticiferous</dfn>). Containing, bearing, or secreting latex. The fembot had laticiferous nipples, which exuded a luxuriant skin-tight surface of black... of shiny black. Laticiferous. Let me try that again. A luxuriant skin-tight surface of shiny black. Yeah. Well, uh, pretty sexy word if you ask me, to mean laticiferous could have all fun connotations. Too bad you can't get it built in.

Um, hope that you had fun with the spelling bee, and see you everyone. Hope you enjoyed the call. Mm, bye.”

Transcribed by: markpasc

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