Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Birthday festivities soon!

So, I have my birthday coming up on Thurs. Dec. 4th... which means that I want to have a rather large party/gathering on either Friday the 5th and/or Saturday the 6th.

Now, I don't really want anything for my birthday in particular. To tell you the truth, there is very little that I need... but what I *would* like is to get a bunch of creative people together who'll help throw some great parties.

Here's what I am tenatively thinking...

5th - A party at our house in Santa Clara, w/ dancing, hot tubbing, and a fire in the backyard. Several tents and tent spaces will be available in the back yard, with the option of futons available inside the house for those who don't want to "rough it" for a night.

6th - Some sort of gathering/ night out in San Francisco. Maybe I will arrange to take over a bar or a nightclub for a few hours, in which case it might be from around 6-9, and possibly open to LJ'ers, friends of mine from other online communities, etc. After that, there would ideally be something more partyish/racy afterwards. This might entail moving the party elsewhere, going to Ocean Beach, to another house, etc.

I'd like these events to be collaborative in nature... not just my friends, but a really cool party for the whole extended tribe, with a lot of participation and free expression.

So, does this interest any of you?

Poll #205120 party poll

Would you like to attend the party in Santa Clara on Fri. Dec. 5th?

If I can get a lift.
Sorry, no. Conflicting plans.

Can you contribute skills/supplies/equipment/ideas to make the party cooler? If so, how?

Would you like to attend the party in San Francisco on Sat. Dec. 5th?

If I can get a lift.
Sorry, no. Conflicting plans.

Can you contribute skills/supplies/equipment/space/ideas to make the party cooler? If so, how?

Where should we party in San Francisco on the 6th?

At a nightclub or bar, esp. if you can get the place just for us.
In a house in San Francisco.
On ocean beach.
Let's have it back in Santa Clara again.
Somewhere else entirely.

Do you have any other suggestions where to party in San Francisco on the 6th?

If you need a lift or can offer a lift, please let me know which, for what date(s), and where you are located.


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