Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

And speaking about a lack of internet privacy...

I've finally had the inclination to futz around with my account at, which was actually quite useful for me the other day... I suspect it will get even more useful as it contunues to grow in size. It's starting to kick some serious Friendster bootay. I found out about a few interesting events, got back in touch with an old friend, and helped Justin find a writer's retreat. Spiffy.

The shocking thing to me is that they have a LiveJournal community there with a few hundred users on it and I didn't recognize a single one. Not one single person. Sure, that might not seem so odd to many of you, but for me, that's just fundamentally not right.

For those who haven't been assimilated yet, I suggest you snag an account while is still in beta. Vulture capitalizsts are talking about such apps as if they are the next big thing. Which they are, in a way... but really, I suspect that they will be in a way that doesn't necessarily entail a whole lotta profit. That, incidentally, is a good thing. Selah.

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