Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Eek... an open Friday night!

So, I have this evening free as Kirsten is going out to a movie and have bupkus planned. I could tag along with her to the movie, but I kind of want to let her have a "date night", even if this isn't exactly a date...

Potential thoughts:

1> Anyone up to an impromptu party at my place? I have booze, a toasty hot tub, and lotsa wood for starting a fire. Really, seriously. Invade my house! I'll even let you deejay and control the disco lighting!
2> Kidnap me if you have any better ideas. (Bondage gear appreciated, but not required...)
3> Come here and submit to whatever I choose to do in order to entertain you. (Bondage gear appreciated, but not required...)
4> Suggest something else for me to do. Maybe I should see Matrix:Revolutions, or go to Stiletto - I've been meaning to go.

Alternately, I could start a nice big fire out on the patio ...anyway..., go in the hot tub ...anyway... and enjoy all the contrasts between fire and water and wind and, perhaps, rain on my nekkid body. In the event of rain, I splash in puddles, hoot, holler, and use mud, blood, and ashes to decorate myself. (Won't the neighbors be thrilled?!)

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