Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Dennis Miller - Republican, Fox Correspondent, Dumbass.

Dennis Miller, who some power brokers have been talking about running as a California congressman, suggests cutting off all funding for NASA and using it to fund projects on the earth instead.

Why shouldn't we spend NASA's budget on the ground, Dennis? Because we couldn't trust your party's leaders not to spend it on a ground war or on kickbacks for the ultrarich. Because NASA supports the sciences. Because NASA contributes significantly to the success of our military. Because NASA has, does, and will continue to contribute to our economy in very real ways. Because NASA is all about the spirit of exploration, which is something that Americans consider an essential part of their national character. Because NASA embodies our highest aspirations, not just for our country, but for humanity. Because NASA is about our future.

If he likes the idea of grounding NASA so much, I'm sure Dennis would *LOVE* this really novel, innovative idea I came up with. What if the primary concern of the US military was the defense of our country? What if we didn't spend as much on our defense as practically every other country in the world combined? I bet that would fill a few potholes.

Got that, Dennis?

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