Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Yeah, it gets really hot... but it's a dry heat.

Hm. Looks like Southern California is burning to the ground. It's sad that people are dying, but I admit that I have mixed feelings about it.

Maybe people shouldn't plunder nature in order to divert water and power hundreds of miles away from where it belongs. Maybe if more effort was spent on trying to find ways to coexist with nature rather than conquer it. Maybe if people lived in cities near rivers, streams and fertile valleys, instead of building them in the middle of a desert.

Because, sooner or later, if you screw with Mother Nature enough, she *WILL* make you her bitch.

Tomorrow may be the real kicker - 95 degree temperatures and 45 MPH gusts. Whole towns could burn to the ground, theoretically. Sure, it's awful weather for fires, but, hey, it's SoCal... it could make for some compelling television.

Journal quotes:
laymedownbroken - "My old house is gone. My new house is within a few miles of the fire .... Fuck. I don't want to evacuate but most of my city has evacuated already. God this sucks. I really don't want to have to lose my house. Jenny Peter Will and Derek have already lost their house. Countless people I know have evacuated. All because of fucking arsonists."

sylent_earth - "I'm here at home when I should be at work. The fires have reached Mervyn's and although it isn't on fire, it is evacuated so no work for me. I'm pretty nervous about the fire. It's really quite close. It won't come to my house, but the smoke and ash is getting kind of bad. I hope I don't have to evacuate."

psilverswirl - "Last I heard from a friend who lives in Highland, around one-ish, he said the fire passed right by his house. He told me he could have sat on his porch and roast hot dogs... He lives well in the northeast corner of Highland, and if the fire's that far in that means it's bagged an enormous number of houses. He told me it was heading east, to the upscale area of Highland. Shallow I am, I hope the fire doesn't get my favorite burrito joint, Rosa Maria's - they make awesome garbage burritos. I wonder if the Wal-Mart there is still standing?"

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