Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's official.

Autopilot definitely won out. Looks like I start Monday with Tollbridge Technologies, a very prominent pre-IPO Voice Over DSL/Cable/Network technology provider... I'll be a contractor, at least to start, at $60 an hour. That should mean that I get 10-12K a month... Currently, there are no full-time technical writers at Tollbridge... only a manager of Creative Services which I would report to... no oppressive layers of management. Direct access to engineers and QA to get stuff done... no hassles. I could practically define my job title, so long as I make sure that Tollbridge has documentation on their products. I would essentially be responsible for creating all of a major company's documentation... I feel just a tad daunted, but it's not like the technology is anything radically new for me.

Hm. I can complain about Silicon Valley at times... about the traffic, the pollution, the rush, the lack of nature, the lack of community, all of it... Still, I can only say that I am damn fortunate for someone who has only been doing technical writing full-time for a year now.

Guess now would be a good time to start planning on what it would take to move up to San Francisco. Sure, it still has the traffic, but it has less pollution, less rush, more nature, more community... and just plain more to do. I feel guilty about wanting to live there... S.F. doesn't need another dotcom sushi eater driving up the rents, right? I swear, I'd be different, really. I'd vote Green... I'd support the arts and the nightclubs... I'd even recycle!

This doesn't mean that in a few years I still won't want to be semi-retired somewhere less expensive, greener and more natural, but at least it gives me a considerable degree more hope of getting there. That's nice...

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