Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On the wrong side of the fence.

The UN general council voted 144-4 to oppose Israel's building of a wall across Palestine, saying that it contradicts international law.

Israel, the US, and two former US - administered colonies, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, voted against the resolution opposing the wall. Perhaps it's worth pointing out that the CIA World Factbook mentions Micronesia's "overdependence on US aid" and that "US Government assistance is the mainstay" of the Marshall Islands...

Which leaves several countries in the "abstain" column (such as the UK and Australia...) and the rest of the world willing to say that something against international law is, infact, against international law.

Israel has vowed to oppose the decision, which, of course, carries no legal weight in the UN, where the only decisions that count are the ones which the US can veto. Of course, if the US actually believed in international law, they'd have built a mechanism into the UN so that general assembly votes could override vetos from permanent members of the UN security council, but I digress...

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