Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Why bad news about the war is a good, healthy thing...

Recently, several webloggers spread a story about the wounded US servicemen waiting months for medical care in hot, unsanitary facilities in Fort Stewart, GA... well, UPI got ahold of the story.

Now the army -- trying to avoid a PR nightmare as congressmen fly down to investigate -- is rushing money and doctors to Fort Stewart to improve the situation and alleviate enormous backlogs which were preventing prompt treatment for these soldiers, many of whom are sick and wounded veterans from Iraq.

Just goes to show the value of collectively grumbling and growsing. When it comes to the war, the US did a lot of things right, but when it comes to the peace, it seems like they have -- at times -- done nearly everything wrong. If the coalition manages to bring peace to Iraq, it will be because of -- not in spite of -- people loudly complaining when stupid, greedy, arrogant, culturally insensitive, and just plain bad things happen.

Opposition to our government's policies isn't treason. It is, quite simply, a feedback loop.

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