Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Army's message to its troops: "Solicit prostitutes? No problem. Get knocked up so you can go home early? Sure. Just don't fall in love with the enemy."

There is no doubt that these soldiers are married... so why aren't they being given the same rights to communicate with their wives as any other soldier in the military? Why are they being threatened with imprisonment? Why is the military trying to keep these couples apart?

The scary thing is that on an online poll, roughly 50% think this is ok. I'm glad that they didn't play these same games with my parents, when my father -- a US soldier in Europe shortly after WWII -- married my mother.

"Oh, but that's different. She was from Britain, and Britain was on *OUR* side..."

Uh huh. But if she was from Germany, would that have mattered? Something tells me this has a more to do with religion, skin color, and politics than anything else... and none of these things should be a boundary to a couple getting married.

If a soldier leaves his post to get married... fine. Punish him for that if you really must. But when you prevent a soldier from speaking to his wife and threaten his marriage, you've stepped over the line.

"What God has joined together, let no man tear asunder..." etc.

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