Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another good blog from Iraq... .

Justin is a volunteer for Jubilee Iraq, an organization which is trying to get $200 Billion of Iraq's pre-war debt waived.

Justin comes off as a devout Christian, a pacifist, and an idealist... all of which seem very much in contrast to the cynical nature of the situation in Iraq, and yet somehow appropriate. His goal seems -- on the surface at least -- to be a noble one, and yet the issue of Iraq's debt is complex. Something tells me that he might return to England a good deal more knowledgeable (and cynical) about Iraq than when he arrived.

Sure, the Iraqis are overburdened with debt and have no reasonable short-term way to pay it off. However, many of those countries that Iraq owed money to were ones who opposed the war and opposed the crippling sanctions against Iraq which hurt so many of their people -- why should they have to pick up the tab for the US invasion of Iraq?

Ultimately, debt forgiveness is a weapon that the US will try to use against Russia, France, Germany, and any other country who dares to think differently. It may make the world a less safe place, as it gives the other countries of the world a disincentive to oppose US unilateralism.

It may be a painful lesson all around, but when it comes to Iraq's debt, the Iraqis should probably have to pay if nobody else will -- and if the US chooses to cover part of the Iraqi debt in the reconstruction costs, all the better. You break it, you buy it...

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