Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Stop Hollywood's Attempt to Hobble your Home Electronics!

The EFF has announced an important action alert you should all take the time to respond to -- the MPAA is rushing legislation through the FCC to approve the installation of "broadcast flag" technology in home electronics. This technology is intended to prevent the recording and distribution of television programs, and what is worse, they are trying to ram this legislation through the FCC before the end of this month, without any serious consideration for the concerns of consumers and innovators. If this legislation passes, it could kill a multi-billion dollar industry before its even born.

It's worth remembering that the MPAA tried to get the FCC to kill television recording technology back in 1982 -- if they had succeeded, we wouldn't have VCRs, or DVDs, or video rental stores. A whole industry would have been legislated out of existence. Fortunately for Hollywood, they failed, and are now making an unprecedented amount of money thanks to video and DVD rentals. They were wrong before and they are wrong this time too.

Do Hollywood a favor -- go to the EFF action site and send a letter via their online form to let the FCC know that you oppose "broadcast flag" technology. Let them know you want a future where technology companies can freely innovate and create new technologies to entertain you, without the MPAA telling you what you can and cannot do with your home electronics.

Oh, and by all means, pass this news on to your friends. This legislation is being rushed through, and it may take tens of thousands of people to stop it, so please spread the word. Thanks. - m.

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