Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Interesting spin on the rollplaying genre...

Wuthering Heights: The Roleplaying Game.

You know what would be good about this is to build it out a bit more, or perhaps turn it into a card game, perhaps illustrated in a vaguely Goreyesque way. Build your social standing by throwing parties, have scandalous affairs, suffer from a black cloud of despair or a fit of pique, hold a seance, scheme for dominance in the family will, become a patron to a famous artist, travel to "the continent", write a great novel, or, if you want to throw a bit of random confusion into the game, play the absinthe card.

The game itself could be designed to be far classier and more stylish than most card games, with somewhat larger cards that felt almost like a classy tarot deck in some ways... with, of course, the potential for many expansion decks. Gotta have those expansion packs...

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