Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Buried Iraq story for the day.

It's sickening when US soldiers can fire upon a crowd of 500 protesters, killing a 10-year-old in the process, and only a handful of news sources report on it... and one of the British sources changes the headline from "US Troops Shoot Child" to "Bombers Kill US Soldier".

**update - several US sources are now reporting on this, but despite several witnessed accounts, the US denies that they fired the shots, claiming that someone in the crowd did the shooting.**

A few things seriously wrong with this picture:
1> US troops are firing on protesters with live ammunition. Not tear gas, not rubber bullets, but live ammo.

2> Of the two people hit, one died, and the other was hit very close to the heart. Nobody else was injured in the shoulder, arms, legs, etc. To me, this sounds a lot like the Israeli practice of ignoring proper procedures and shooting to kill.

Something tells me that if the US continues to attack protesters with lethal force, they will soon discover that the protesters have guns too.

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