Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

This is a good day for BitTorrent...

Many of you are probably familiar with BitTorrent, an application that, rather than slowing down your internet downloads by forcing you to pull data from busy, centralized servers, instead allows you to click on links and download files rapidly from whatever source is most rapid for you, including other BitTorrent users who have already downloaded the file in question.

Well, today I suspect they've been getting quite a bit of attention and loving, because there's a *LOT* of buzz out there for some rather large downloads, including the Fanimatrix, a jaw-dropping fan-made Matrix film, and the final theatrical trailer for Return of the King.

Normally, I'd point you towards a link where you can directly download these files, but I think I will save you time and save the people hosting these files for all of us some money by suggesting the following:

1> Download BitTorrent. It downloads rapidly, installation is a breeze and it will be well worth your time and effort.

2> Once you have BitTorrent installed, click on this link to download the Fanimatrix ( 170 MB) and on this link to download a high quality version of the new trailer for Return of the King (19 MB).

These are by no means small files, so they will still take a long time to download, but your downloading time should be considerably less by using BitTorrent. Best of all, you, by the very act of downloading the file yourself, will make it easier and quicker for others to download it too.

Just one more example of why P2P is a good thing. Personally, having worked hard back in the stone ages to address problems of getting corporate multimedia to work across a worldwide network, I'm looking forward to the day where every business makes use of these kinds of applications a standard. It's the right technical solution, no matter what Hollywood might think.

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