Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

I want your body -- one piece at a time...

I'm trying to clean up my friend's list somewhat. which is not easy. It's like the world's hairiest woman trying to trim her pubes into a sexy shape for her lover -- the best you can hope for is an extremely dense, interwoven topiary-like object that seems out of place without a small bench and a garden gnome.

Messing with the friends list is always a sad thing, and always gets me down. Really, if I actually paid attention to the fact that people I find interesting add and drop me like a bad fashion trend, I would probably go fetal.

I wouldn't feel compelled to mess with my friends list at all if those of you who are already on it just committed your lives to my constant amusement, excitement, and entertainment. (which I think is a pretty reasonable request...) Then again, maybe I'd get bored of your sycophantic behavior and look for new friends anyway. I would like to think, however, that I'm humble enough to put up with your incessant groveling and scraping. I'm willing to give it a try, how about you?!

So, I look at my friends list for a minute and it's already highly depressing... marieofromania is gone. Gonediddlyon... Sure, she's an alcoholic, self-justifying media apologist whose idea of a successful career is moving from the world's most obnoxious radio network to the world's second most obnoxious news network... but the fact remains that she was *my* alcoholic, self-justifying media apologist, knew of my criticisms, and remained a friend anyway. Part of me wonders whether those guardians of free speech over at CNN pulled a Kevin Sites on her. The C in CNN stands for censorship, no?!

Pigfuckers... Dammittohellwhodoesshethinksheischoosingtohavealifeandeverything?! Gah. She shall not be missed.

And, once more, splinternails is gone. Our man in Japan. He gave good ASCII and asked for very little in return... or maybe he just got very little because he didn't ask. Not sure. If I go to Japan now, who will I stumble through dizzying neon streets with, in pursuit of ever more exotic chu hais? Something tells me that after my tumultuous college radio days, my liver could use a break, however...

Which leads me to my message for young, depressed LiveJournalers who feel a bit lost and could use some purpose in your lives. Have you considered allowing older LiveJournal users to cannibalize your body for spare parts? It's kinda like rough sex, only it lasts longer. Just a thought.

Noticed that someone called bax added me. I'm not of the philosophy that you should be checking your friends list all the time and automatically adding people back who add you -- the more people you have on your friends list, the more work that can be, and like I said, it's always depressing. All I can promise those who add me is that I will probably get around to briefly seeing what your journal is like after a half year or so... less time if you leave comments or have a sexxah userpic.

But back to Bax. He's an Austinite who moved to S.F... which might be interesting enough in itself, as I always like different perspectives on the 'hood. What I particularly liked, however, was his description of an experience at Burning Man this year (including the shouting and repeated brow furrowing comment...) -- that, and his journal's title -- "High-Stakes Rambling" -- which I thought was particularly witty, and which I had to Google just to be sure it was unique.

It is. I must steal it. ;->

Could be promising, that...

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