Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Big shakes.

Had a nap this afternoon, woke up to hear that there were huge earthquakes in Japan. Fortunately they were off the shore of Hokkaido, generally away from large cities. No big tsunamis, either, but if you check out the NOAA Wave Watch, you can watch the waves resonate from Hokkaido and head west. *slosh!*

Did a directory search for Hokkaido on LiveJournal and found friedtoast is reporting on the quakes.

This boat on Hokkaido was lifted up onto the dock and left there by a large tidal wave... leaving me to wonder how the owner will get it back in the water. Do you do it the right way and try hiring a really big crane, or do you do it the quick way with a keg of Sapporo and a few dozen friends?

I think this lane might have to stay closed for a little while...

So, yes -- absolutely enormous earthquake, but located in a pretty safe place. It seems to be more of a curiosity than a disaster, really...

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