Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

See? That's the problem with LiveJournal. There's no mojo, baby!

LiveJournal is on's list of the top 50 unsexy things.
#9 - LiveJournal
How I'm feeling: Bored.
Song stuck in my head: "Raspberry Beret."
Air of mystery that once surrounded me: Gone.
Ouch. Harsh. That doesn't mean they don't have a point, however.

As a response, I'm declaring Wednesday, October 1st to be the 1st annual "Cultivate an Aura of Mystery Day" -- a day that isn't for revealing all the sordid details of your life like some abbreviated laundry list of compatability, but for posting things that cultivate an aura of enigmatic mystery around you that leave us wanting more.

Slogan: "Cultivate an Aura of Mystery Day -- because it's what you *don't* say which makes me want to sexx0r you."

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