Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush pushes the lie yet again...

Just days after admitting that there was no link between Saddam and al Qaeda, Bush says this...

" The regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while it built weapons of mass destruction."

Yeah. With our own chemicals and biological agents, too.

Hey Mr. President, wasn't your dad VP back in 1983 when State Department documents talked about "Iraq's almost daily use of chemical weapons"? Wasn't Iraq taken off a US list of nations which supported terrorism anyway? Didn't our country sell him chemical precursors? Didn't the Reagan/Bush administration even work with Saddam to prevent UN sanctions or Security Council censure? Just asking...

Hm. Terrorism... WMDs. WMDs... Terrorism. Sure is a good thing that the US doesn't possess any chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons. Sure glad we've never used them either. Sure glad we've never sold weapons to terrorists, or funneled money into narco-trafficking.... sure glad your dad wasn't involved in it up to his neck, didn't withhold evidence, and didn't pardon the criminals involved. Sure glad your own VP didn't go way out of his way to make sure your dad never had to testify, or that your administration wasn't full of many of the same criminals... 'cause that would make our leaders a bunch of international criminals with terrorist links, wouldn't it?!

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