Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The storm of war.

Some bad news about Isabel. pinklacedcorset reports that half of historic Kitty Hawk, NC is under water.

"Yes, you heard me correctly. UNDER WATER. If you live on the ocean side of the bypass in kitty hawk and have a one-story home...chances are, you don't have anything left of your one story home. There's at least four to six feet of water right on the other side...we made it out lucky. Very lucky .... last night was quite possibly one of the worst nights of my life .... it was the darkest I have ever seen it in my house. You could hold your hand in front of your face only an inch away and not see it. After awhile, I got disorientated- I couldnt even tell when my eyes were open or shut."

Hurricane Isabel killed 13 American and will cost around a billion dollars.

The war in Iraq kills about 40 Americans a month and has a monthly cost of $7.25 billion dollars.

So, just think of the War in Iraq as about the equivalent of three major hurricanes a month hitting the US -- only twice as expensive.

This is the price that we as a nation seem willing to pay for some reason or other...

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