Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Isabel whacks the east coast...

Hits the outer banks islands of North Carolina with 100+ mph winds and severe rain, but is causing damage up in Norfolk, Virginia too, where there is heavy flooding already, with heavier rain and high tide converging later to make flooding considerably worse. Over 600,000 without power in Virginia alone already, with around 1.5 million without power in North Carolina. The federal government in Washington has been shut down, and there are heavy winds and rain in D.C.

WVEC in Hampton Roads, VA created the Isabel Blog, and is encouraging viewers to email in stories and pictures. Pretty nifty.

Lakefront housing in Virginia Beach... fish from the privacy of your own living room!

Flooding in Norfolk... and the heart of the storm hasn't even gotten there yet.

clemsontiger in Elizabeth City said "we have Hurricane Force winds, shortly after noon. Trees are falling apart and everyone's buttholes are puckered. This is like the worst storm I can remember. This is only the beginning." But that was five hours ago, so I suspect he's offline now...

pinklacedcorset is riding out the storm in Kitty Hawk, NC, where power is out but she still has internet access. She says "We've currently got, like, no piers on the Outer Banks. Jennettes is gone. Avalon is gone. Outer Banks is half gone. Kitty Hawk is gone. Bypass is under a few feet of water in some places... There pretty much is no beach road..."

Some people like reiven and phantomblur in New Bern seem to have evacuated, which is good, as they are even closer to the brunt of it. Just saw some pictures from there -- lots of flooding, but could have been hit worse. A fair amount of LJers seem to live in Morehead City, but there aren't any recent posts from there, which is disconcerting... hopefully, a lot of them headed for higher ground.

You can watch the storm come ashore here...

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