Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Izz he or Izzard he?!?

So, tonight I got to see Eddie Izzard do his standup thing tonight at the lovely Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco. Amusing. Witty. Not constantly knockdown, dragout haha, and no cheap laughs, but still, very witty and insideous. I'm sure it will burble up in my subconscious, to become a source of numerous injokes. I can only hope that a bit of it will rub off on me in a good way.

Ok, the obvious answer for the obvious question. He came out in a nice blouse, black leather motorcycle pants with an orange stripe up the side, really high black stilettos, makeup, and ample breasts... which he really has quite a bit of fun with. He apparently likes taking them out and throwing them at kids, or lazily playing with them while waiting on petty bureaucrats, as they usually rush him through just to get him out of the way. I rarely think of breasts as useful props, but hey... if you've bought it, flaunt it.

Ah, for the glamorous highspeed lifestyle of the executive transvestite. Few can pull it off with such panache, I'm sure.

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