Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Psalmy goodness...

I tend to be one of those people who love huge, time consuming, intricately detailed strategy games. My game of choice right now is Europa Universalis II, which is lovely, except it doesn't have enough music, even with the latest update. There's only so long that you can be stuck in the Rennaissance, listenning to falalala before you want to change the tune...

So, I took a look at how they did the game's music, and noticed how easy it was to edit... so I started hunting for traditional music from between 1400-1800 or so in order to create a DIY "music expansion pak".

The first thing I stumbled into was an artist called Pavle Aksentijevic, who does medieval Serbian & Byzantine psalms that are truely stunning -- a whole albumful of mp3s, plus pictures of Serbian icons. Lovely.

Of course, I shouldn't choose just Serbian music, since EU II allows you to play practically any country in the world. So here's an idea -- feel free to point out websites which feature free, non-RIAA mp3s of traditional music from the 1400s-1800s. Nationality doesn't matter -- quality does. I'll also continue to update this post to point out other sites I find.

When I'm done, I will create a nicely compiled post of favorite mp3s, sites, etc. Think of it as a way to get a whole series of free "best of" compilations. KTEL's greatest hits of the 1400s, 1500s, etc.

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