Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A chance to say some kind words about BBC Online..

BBC Online, the BBC's website, which recently announced that it plans to make *all* of its broadcasts freely available online in the future, is currently under review, but the BBC faces a wide variety of enemies. Politically influential commercial broadcasters want the BBC's budget cut and want to force them to sell off their best shows. Representatives from the Tory party want to shut their website down entirely. And the Blair Government views the BBC as the enemy right now, because they reported David Kelly's claims of the government having "sexed up" the case for a war on Iraq.

It seems particularly sad to see that the BBC might be gutted in the name of American-style free market capitalism. The idea that *everything* functions better under a free market is dangerous, doctrinal, dehumanizing, and ultimately dead wrong. Have no doubt, Britain would be significantly worse off without the BBC, as would we all.

By archiving their broadcasts, BBC Online is spending a relatively small amount of money to create an archive of culture, entertainment, education, and knowledge that will be a modern-day Library of Alexandria -- a fountain of knowledge, available to everyone. This great accomplishment will be brought about for less than the price of some US military aircraft, and is something we all should support.

You can help support the BBC Online by sending an email to, telling them that you appreciate and support the BBC website. Public comments can be submitted from anywhere in the world and will be allowed through November 17th.

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