Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Battle of the Veggie Dumplings!

Went to Ranch Market 99 and bought three different types of veggie dumplings, determined to find out which one was best. Dumplings, dim sum, and potstickers are all favorites, but the hard part is finding truely satisfying veggie dumplings without running into the bland cabbage dumpling from hell.

The contestants for this contest were:
Chi Mei vegetable dumplings
Fortune Avenue vegetarian dumplings
Prime Food dumpling with cabbage and mushroom

All were steamed, and the results are in!
Chi Mei - Not bad. A bit too much cabbage, and those things it did have in it were chopped too fine to provide much substance.
Prime Food - Too much cabbage, and the mushroom taste is too strong, in a bad way. The wrapping looked thin and light straight out of the steamer, but became quite tough and unpleasant after cooling a bit.
Fortune Avenue - Nicely seasoned and flavorful. Contains TVP, bean threads, and doesn't overdo it on the cabbage. I thought the wrapping would be the worst of the lot, but it was actually pretty good and held things together nicely enough. I still long to find perfect wrappers for frozen dumplings that rival the thinnest, silkiest wontons, but the filling matters most.

Fortune City wins this round. Gotta find more able contestants, though...!

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