Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Particularly meanspirited spam...

Just got an html email that is designed to look like it's an official piece of email from citibank, saying that they need to have members approve their new "terms and conditions" or they will suspend their checking accounts. Despite the very professional design, warning bells went off immediately -- it turns out to be a particularly nasty attempt at taking a person's private information in order to drain their bank accounts.

I called Citibank up to make sure they knew about it. Apparently they are aware of the problem, and started getting reports of it late last night. Already, several customers have fallen prey to the scheme, but Citibank has been working to target the IP addresses for the sites in question.

It's one thing when they try to steal your AOL account information, but when they go after your bank account, that's pretty f*cked...

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