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The obnoxious and amusing faces of spam...

This morning, I started getting a bunch of email messages from LiveJournal, saying that mail I was sending to them was bouncing left and right; it appears to be some sort of spam program that mimics being sent from LJ addresses in order to spam other LJ addresses. Looks like I was today's victim... Oh joy.

Fortunately, it has finally subsided from about half a dozen emails a minute to one about every 10 minutes or so. Even though I do a very good job of protecting myself from viruses, it still had me concerned enough that I had to check my system thoroughly, update all the patches, etc. Gr.

On the plus side, yesterday I got a spam from, which is actually a porn site. Too bad for them that I know James from he and I chatted a bit last night and I forwarded on the offending piece o' spam.

Watch out hottornott... the lawyers are on their way! Prepare to be 0wn3d! ;->

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