Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Sexy terrorists

I was strangely fascinated by this story the other day...

Smoking Style Gives Fugitive Away

TOKYO (Reuters) - You can run and hide but you can't change the way you smoke. So Japan's most wanted woman discovered.

Her cigarette habit was a vital clue that ended 30 years on the run for Fusako Shigenobu, leader of the extreme leftist Japanese Red Army that left a trail of bloody hijackings, kidnaps and attacks in its wake, the Sankei Shimbun newspaper said on Friday.

The 55-year-old Shigenobu, dubbed the ``empress'' for her long leadership of one of the world's most notorious extremist groups, had a habit of blowing a smoke ring when she exhaled and smoked her cigarette as if puffing on a pipe, it said.

That sight was what convinced police in a town in rural western Japan Wednesday that they had found their woman, who until then was believed to living in Lebanon.

``Shigenobu must have believed that since her appearance had changed so much, we wouldn't notice,'' Sankei Shimbun quoted on officer as saying of the woman who in her youth stunned Japanese both by her beauty and her violence.

``It was that little something that got her.'' Shigenobu had dodged police across three continents for decades since she allegedly masterminding a 1974 attack on the French embassy in The Hague, in which her Red Army took the ambassador hostage in return for the release of an imprisoned comrade.

Perhaps what stuck with me was the suggestively visual nature of the story, but I think there's a movie here. I would like to see a movie done from her perspective. The exploits of a beautiful Japanese socialist turned head of an international terrorist group.

The Japanese Red Army were ferocious terrorists in their time... They once took a plane hostage in Japan using traditional samurai swords. They almost succeeded in a major terrorist attack within the United States, in fact. In many ways, they were the Japanese left-wing answer to Mishima, the man with arguably the best death of this half of the century. (There's a movie out there called Mishima that outlines his life... if you get a chance to see it, do so.)

You've got to love that extreme quality in Japanese society... sure, it might be brutal, perverse, and sadistic, but at least it isn't boring!

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