Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Web functionality for the masses!

Don't you hate it when people take away functionality on your computer that you previously had gotten used to? Me too.

Fortunately, someone out there is always creative, smart, and obsessive enough to find ways to give it back... such as this technique that brings back our good friend the BLINK tag! Yes, never again will you have to spend hours designing "the perfect website" just to get attention. All you need is headline text in a nice bold red with a (new, improved...) blink tag and people will take notice!

The real problem, of course, is that this is harder to use than simply typing <BLINK>... I'm not even sure you could do it on LiveJournal, given all the tags that LJ doesn't allow in your journal.

So, in order to create a better solution, I suggest that we make an LJ-specific tag to simplify the process of making text blink.
It would look something like this...

<lj blink> ... </lj blink>.

I further propose that we add a variable to the tag called time that could be set from 1-10000, which translates into blinking every .001 seconds to blinking every 10 seconds. The proper format for this would be as follows:

<lj blink time="20">

This way, you can not only control how quickly things flash (from painfully slow to insane strobe light fast), you could even create blocks of blinking text all over your journals, and even do cool special effects, such as make various blocks blink fast, some blink slow... and in all sorts of different sizes and colors too! How cool would that be?!

The only problem I could think of is that LiveJournal might want to add something to its Terms of Service that protects it from people taking legal action due to epileptic seizures, but really that's a minor manner. I've seen plenty of journals out there which already justify such a policy anyway...

So, what do you think, sirs?! (& madams too!)

(BTW, did I mention my idea for a <lj sarcasm> tag too?)

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