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The Washington Post drops a bombshell... the US State Department received copies of the forged Iraqi documents that were the basis of the claim that Iraq was trying to purchase uranium three months before Mr. Bush's State of the Union address. Copies of these obvious forgeries were distributed to the CIA and other agencies within days for analysis.

The Bush administration has gone on record as saying they did not have the documents before the State of the Union speech. In other words, they almost certainly knew that these documents were not just based on "unverifiable intelligence", but were, in fact, counterfeit. However, they constructed the president's speech in such a way as to cite "British intelligence" that they *KNEW* was faulty.

What's more, the government kept this information from U.N. weapons inspectors, who were stonewalled when they requested the documents from the U.S. Only after the State of the Union address were the documents turned over to the U.N., who immediately determined that they were forged.

The question now isn't whether the people of the United States were lied to... the question is whether the president was in on the lie himself. Robert Joseph, a top aide to Condoleezza Rice who worked closely with Vice President Cheney, is apparently the one who pushed for the inclusion of the fraudulent uranium claims into the State of the Union address... but under whose authority?

Looks like we've got ourselves a real government scandal on our hands, on a level that we haven't seen since Watergate. It will take quite awhile for this to be explained, and I don't see how it will happen without a long, painful, protracted investigation. Lies, withholding information, coverups, obstruction of justice... this should be fun.

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